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Wills & Estates

Are you thinking about drafting your will? Especially during these uncertain times, having your affairs in order has now become ever more pressing.

One of the main questions I receive from clients is whether they should choose an online will drafting package for a will or hire a lawyer to draft their will. While drafting a will using a pre-populated system online may be cheaper, it does not provide clients with the benefit of receiving legal advice on proper estate planning, and the proper execution of a will.

I offer a unique experience when it comes to your estate planning and final will, completed with a full personal planning estate folder. I initially meet with each client independently and gather all details to properly advise you in order to draft a will that will best cater to your specific needs. You can then have an opportunity to review a draft version of your will and discuss it with me if you need it explained detail. My clients leave the room with a properly executed will knowing their personal affairs will be handled according to their wishes.

I can assist you with the following:

  • General Wills & Estate Planning
  • Power of Attorneys
  • Islamic Wills
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